Shea Butter


Wild-crafted organic Shea Butter – lovingly produced in Tapko, Ghana.



The Wali people of NW Ghana live on the very edge of the harsh Sahara desert with its blazing heat and hot, dry winds. But just look at their rich, soft, beautiful skin!













For millennia, Ghanaian women have harnessed one of nature’s best kept secrets, the heart of the wild Shea fruit. And with results like this, little wonder that cosmetic companies have been rushing to incorporate shea butter in their skincare products.






But with Baraka’s help, our producers continue to use the purest traditional methods for making the butter. No processing or refining with added chemicals, no industrialised production – just fabulous, natural butter with the faintest sweet aroma from the fires used in its preparation.




Our shea butter is food grade (same stuff that is used for cooking and eating in Ghana) and is ideal for the finest skincare and cosmetics applications. And because your purchase directly supports the communities that made it, you can enjoy a radiantly clear skin with a blissfully clear conscience. – See more at:




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