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Choosing Baraka is good for you and your business…
...and good for the producers in Ghana too!

Our belief is that if we can give you great products at good prices 
AND help our producers to make their lives better,
we ALL benefit.

"What customers say about us..."

  • I do love it!  Far superior to anything I’ve used and I’m happy to know where it is from and who produces it.

    - Deidre Garza

  • Everything was perfect -- the communication, shipping was very fast, and the Shea Butter is wonderful. The texture is very smooth. The scent is very light. This is a wonderful product.

    - Debbie Byrnes

  • I love you guys. Amazing service, you are the only supplier I use and I tell all my friends.

    Thanks again:)

    - Angela

  • The butter is amazing : )

    - Michael

  • It is amazing. I absolutely love it.  VERY happy with the quality of the butter, can’t wait to use in some of our other skin care products.

    - Veerpal

  • I don't have one even slight recommendation for better service. Very quick communication and transaction, personable, next day shipping, products are beautiful and I feel great ordering from a fair trade company. A sincere thank you.  Incredible! Wonderful! I’m ecstatic. The quality is incredible. You run a great business I am so glad you were recommended to me.

    - Katie Greenwood

  • I've only ever used the refined before and this is so different, so much nicer!

    I'm so pleased I found you!

    - Sandy, Soap by Sandy (Australia)

  • Couldn't be happier with my purchase.  The package arrived well packed and the shea butter is the best I have ever used in my product - very fresh.  Wow.

    - Mimi May, The Sacred Seed Company

  • Since using Baraka Shea Butter, my products have been so luxurious. HUGE difference. I will never look back at another shea butter again. Thank you.

    - Richelle, Washboard Soapery

  • Your butter is the best I have ever tried.

    - Joyce Wheeler

  • You're consistently excellent, and excellently consistent :)

    - Kerry Turcotte, Lyer Lyer Soapcraft

  • I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the promptness in processing and shipping my order.  I am a soapmaker and it is great to know that I can depend on a supplier to be efficient and professional!
    I will definitely be ordering shea butter exclusively from your company. 

    - Kate Webb Yellow Rose Handcrafted Designs

  • I just made soap with your Shea butter today, it was a dream. I will definitely let you know when I try the soap what I think, but so far thumbs up on this great product!

    - Randi Hymers

  • Received my first order from you I love the shea butter it smells so great and feels awesome right out of the box I want to Thank you for for your speeding shipping and great quality butter,

    - Danielle Stelling

  • There is no one who treats me as well as Wayne and Baraka. I couldn't ask for a better service.  I am extremely pleased with my order. I even gave some as Christmas gifts.

    - Barbara Paolini

  • I will only be buying my shea butter from you. It is pure gold and nothing, I mean NOTHING compares. 

    - Richelle Schlotz Washboard Soapery

  • I love this Shea butter! Beautiful color & texture. It has a very soft smokey smell. I am thrilled with this Shea butter :) …  My order was processed extremely fast, especially considering it was at Christmas time

    - Loree Breen Organicism

  • I took a small little sample and rubbed directly on my skin, i could not believe how smooth it is, not the least bit grainy. Never will I go back to my previous supply. My only regret is not ordering more!

    - Janit Risser Prairies Soap Suds and More

  • The shea butter I got from you is beyond comparison.  I love the smoky, sweet smell and it was creamy and dreamy to work with.  I didn't have to melt it down or temper before using - I added my other oils heated slightly, and then whipped it all up.

    I'll never buy shea butter anywhere else again!

    - Crystal Coleman 2 Soapy Kids

  • Thanks - we love your creamy shea and are looking forward to our order arriving!

    - Heather Heaman Soap Artisan, Boudica

  • keep going, the service you offer and the quality of your shea butter is the perfect match!!

    - Mylene Bazot Savonnerie Artisanale Peaux d'Ange

  • Having just spent another successful market day in small town Ontario, I can tell you that the backstory of Baraka Shea never gets old, and people love the sustainability and ethics of your model as I sing its praises

    - Jan Turner, JANmade

  • I love the consistency and scent. I have never used raw, unrefined shea butter before, as I was worried the scent would be too strong, but I am happy to find out it isn’t!

    - Karstan Wiebe

  • I have been using Baraka Shea Butter for many years now and I love it's amazing moisturizing and healing properties. It helps dry or aging skin, sunburns or cold sores. My grandmother has been bed-ridden for year and a half now but thanks to your miraculous Shea Butter she doesn't have bed sores! Many thanks for amazing customer service and going out of your way to ship my custom orders internationally over the years!

    - Luba Jetcheva, Windsor, Ontario

  • great job guys!

    - Melissa Wooldridge

  • I'd love to be able to send the women you help some of my soaps made with their Shea!

    - Stella Boyer, Lotus Soapworks

  • Thanks for supporting the women!

    - Cindee Smith, Creek Side Naturals

  • Excellent Quality Shea Butter!

    - Naomi Terry, Quadra island Soap

  • Love your Shea butter! It has really added something extra to my products

    - Deirdre Booth, Moody Soaps

  • I have recently begun adding your Shea Butter to a perfume pot that I make and I love it mixed in with my other oils! Gratitude to you for having a good butter and for supporting those who make it.

    - Linda Buffy, BC Spirit Soap

  • Great service, great product, thanks!

    - Kathy Lind, Apple Island Naturals

  • So glad you have it on the site now to order the organic!! Awesome!

    - Markey Martin, Garden of Wisdom

  • I link Baraka Shea on my FB page with the notation of support to local business women/supporting the country where Shea is harvested.

    - Jan Turner, JanMade

  • The best shea butter I ever used! When you use shea butter a lot, you are able to say how good it is just by smelling. When I opened my first box, I could not stop myself to put some directly on my arms and hand, the texture was just amazing!

    - Mylene Dory, Peaux d'Ange

  • I tell people about Baraka, and your work in Ghana (and that this, along with the quality of your shea butter is why I always buy my shea from you) :)

    - Kerry Turcotte, Lyer, Lyer Soapcraft

  • I am ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with Baraka Shea Butter and there is no turning back for me! I'm hooked on the product, the people and the entire concept. Thank you all who work at Baraka and especially to the women who produce this butter. I am completely and totally supportive of all your outstanding work!

    - Ashlee, Lather Me Crazy

  • I love this company and their Shea butter best I have ever used, thank you for a great product.

    - Joyce Holden Wheeler

  • I Love the Shea Butter!

    - Amber Hawthorne, Bambu Earth

  • I am so impressed with your company. Hats off to you and your crew.

    - Monique, Melara, Plano, Texas

  • Love the Shea Butter! Wonderful creamy texture and so easy to work with

    - Maryanne Smith, Soapstones Soap and Skincare

  • I am extremely impressed with how fast you have gotten the order together! I have been wanting to find a source of shea butter that works closely with the communities producing it - and your product is exactly that.

    - Hillary, Huckleberry Hill

  • just got my shea butter, it is gorgeous, can't wait to use it!!!

    - Kelly Smith, Lyn, ON

  • The turnaround time for the order was much quicker than expected.

    - Karla Moore, Heart of Iowa Soapworks

  • the test batch of 40% shea butter soap I made a few weeks back, using your butter, is BRILLIANT

    - Kerry Turcotte, Lyer Lyer Soapcraft

  • The Shea Butter is Beautiful, heavenly to work with. We love it!!

    - Cindy Deverell, Evan Healy

  • the shea butter arrived, and it's wonderful. Thanks so much! I've been telling everyone about you guys :)

    - Kerry Turcotte, Lyer Lyer Soapcraft

  • the best Shea butter, pure, organic, handmade, well done

    - Maggie Milacek Tarr

  • So happy with this shea butter. Oh my gosh, it is awesome!

    - Karen Milton, Lulu Island Lathers

  • Shea Butter is wonderful, Our customers love it!

    - Kelly Lees, Green Valley Aromatherapy

  • Shea Butter is always smooth, melty and so nourishing

    - Erin Anderson

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